Many painful problems can be due to a loss of structural balance within the body. Regularly checking and maintaining structural balance and healthy posture could result in prevention of many injuries, postural problems and even disease. When structural balance is lost, this can cause poor posture and can lead to the onset of aches and pains within the body, muscular and ligamentous imbalance and even lowering the body’s natural defenses against injury and disease. Amatsu is a modern version of Traditional Japanese osteopathy, by using hands-on techniques. Amatsu can help a wide range of conditions from neck and back pain, stiffness of joints, whiplash, sports injuries, postural problems and many more. This is more than getting well – this is staying well! Bridges and buildings are being checked every year for structural flaws, we get our cars checked for alignment regularly, however we only seem to receive treatment for our bodies after we have been injured rather than receiving preventative of maintenance treatment. Everyone, especially athletes would benefit from regular assessment of their postural alignment to help prevent against many injuries before they occur and increase and maintain the body’s proprioceptive abilities, leading to increased performance.